President’s Greeting

Dr. Cottle

Greetings to you in the Glorious and Excellent Name of Jesus! The last two years have been characterized by Breakthrough and Re-Alignment for growth in many ministries. However, they have also been characterized by one of the most trying economic slowdowns of our ministry lifetime. Many ministries have been severely crippled.

As we look forward to the future, I believe in my heart that more than ever, we will experience a clashing of swords in this nation between the Kingdom of God and the world system as both the U.S. government and the Church move on the offensive. We are headed for a period of unprecedented conflict between the state and the Spirit-filled Church. It is inevitable and imminent.

There is strength in numbers. This is not a time to be a lone ranger out there to be easily targeted and harassed. Instead, those of us who love God and stand for Biblical and Spirit-led values need to bind ourselves together in networks that will give us collective strength without taking away our sovereignty and independence to serve God as He alone guides us.

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